These Words Matter

0. Intro 🐳

At the heart of the matter are words that matter. And we don’t have a second to waste. So here we go.

One quick thing, though: I invite you to spend a few moments lingering over the lead-in picture above. (There’s a story in there, waiting to be told; a story that will have to wait for its time under the sun.)

Meanwhile, here are a handful of words that are—to my mind anyway—at once fetching and pregnant with meaning.

1. devotion 🏃

devotion: (noun) signifying love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

It all starts here. It all ends here.

And no, I’m not (specifically) talking about the marathon runner above, with grit and determination written all over his face, though it would be a good start. What I do have in mind is resolve that’s rooted in deep origins, utterly unswayed by the vagaries of the world. Disappointment has no meaning around here. You go for the heart of the matter. And that’s it.

Should you be hankering for the longer version (of the wherewithal of devotion), I’m glad to point you in that direction. And guess what? All you have to do—once you arrive at the intended destination of the preceding coordinates—is look for that gritty runner. (It will all become clear; trust me on this one.)

2. you 🍎

you: (pronoun) used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing.

At the end of the day, there would be no blog without… you. Actually, there would be; it’s just that it would be only half as much fun. And here’s why: As I’ve noted on several occasions, I write as much for me as I write for you.

Your presence—and your unflagging support over the years—makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for being… you.

Again, should your heart long for the longer version (of the wherewithal of what it means to be… you), I’m happy to point you in that very direction.

3. believe 🎫

believe: (verb) to feel sure of the truth of.

Finally, to bring this shortest of essays to a close—and you can always check some other, novella-length essays on this blog—this word matters immensely. It’s the ticket.

Why? Here’s why. Also this. And, in full candor, all of this.

Yes, these are longtime bets. Moonshots. You know, the sort of thing you would do anyway, no matter what; that it worked out—this blog and related writing ventures in my case—and worked out swimmingly well, is mere garnish.

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